Savings Account

This savings account is designed to encourage savings with the opportunity to earn attractive interest on your daily savings while driving financial inclusion through the use of debit cards, point of collection terminals and mobile banking facilities.

Savings account available


HASANWA is a children’s savings plan that allows parents to save for the education and future of their children, thus cultivating a savings habit that would grow into large deposits which will be readily available to their children once the need arises.

High Yield Target Savings Account (HYTSA)

HYTSA is an account that allows several savings plans to accommodate various diverse and complex means of capital accumulation for project execution. It allows a customer to deposit agreed amounts periodically until a specified amount is accumulated towards the Project.

HASAL Savings

This account provides the opportunity for us to touch the lives of all. The account is easy to open and operate with features benefits that are unique.

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