Hasal loans

We offer some variety of products tailored to meet the business needs of our customers as well as our interest rates which ranges between 3% – 6% and Loan tenor between 3 – 24 months

Loans available

Our loans are attractive to individuals, business/school owners, Group formation, and salary earners. The offered Loans provide a single line of credit for meeting the borrowing needs of eligible Micro and SME clients.

Micro loans

Loans from N1m and below, un-guaranteed up to N200,000, purposely focused on personal, working capital, etc. Can be structured for daily or monthly repayment


Loans from N30,000 and above, basically for asset acquisition, structured for a monthly repayment of principal and interest.

SME Loans

Loans above N1m, structured for a monthly repayment of Principal and Interest

Special Products

Special loan products for home improvement, school facility improvement and for the payment of school fees
Salary pay day loan

Salary (Payroll) Loans & Salary (Payday) Loans

This loan product provides upfront access to finance even before pay day, so that customers can take care of financial responsibilities well ahead of salary date.

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