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HASAL MfB Launches Orbit-R Banking Application

HASAL Microfinance Bank Limited, one of Nigeria’s leading MfBs, has upgraded its core banking operations solution to a higher version, as part of its commitment to deliver services for optimal satisfaction to its customers.

Briefing the media on the Bank’s decision to upgrade the core banking software in Abuja, the bank’s Managing Director, Mr. Rogers Nwoke, said the new upgrade from Orbit 4.3 to Orbit R, the latest edition, is to improve the innovative products that are tailored to meet various needs of customers.

According to him, the new application has paved way for the bank to become one of the first MFBs to generate the 10-digit Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number (NUBAN) for all its customers after its successful sign up to the Nigeria Central Switch (NCS) Network.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of HASAL MfB; Mr. Rogers A.I Nwoke said the bank was becoming increasingly more technologically innovative, more customer friendly and service-oriented, even as it seeks to continue to support micro business amongst others.

“I am very pleased and proud to let the customers know that we are rebranding technologically and we have reached a very advanced stage of our core banking. We had a team of about 20 people who began training in Abuja for over 190 days to implement the software and integrate same seamlessly, we have trained our staff to understand the benefit of this upgrade so as to deliver an excellent customers experience at all times.” Nwoke added.

The 10-digit bank account numbering system that is simpler to use than traditional longer account numbering structures, and in line with requirements of the West Africa Monetary Institute, is towards the economic integration of countries within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Every bank is required to create and maintain a NUBAN code for every account whether current, savings, deposit or any other in its customer database, and Microfinance banks should as well embrace it in order to be integrated into Nigeria’s mainstream banking system, thereby offering their customers up to date value.

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