HASAL New World Account (HASANWA)


Investing in your children and wards can be very rewarding. HASAL New World Account (HASANWA) provides an opportunity to save for your ward’s school fees, back-to-school expenses, vacation and even notable events!

Kindly contact us on:(08123941500)

  • Minimum Opening balance of N1,000
  • Increase interest rate by 0.5% by saving for 1 year without withdrawal
  • Choose a savings plan and stick to it through restricted withdrawal
  • Easy to sign on
  • Access to loan amount up to 50% of annual savings
  • Unbeatable interest rate
  • Increase your child’s opportunities
  • Prizes exists for long-term savings

Terms & Conditions Apply

  • Duly completed account opening form
  • Duly completed KYC (Know your customer) form
  • Birth certificate of child/ward
  • 2 recent passport photographs of the parent and child
  • Photocopy of a valid identity card for the parent – National ID, Driver’s License or International Passport(originals must be sighted)