HASAL Traders Express (HATREX)

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  • Product Description

    HASAL Traders Express (HATREX) is a unique loan product that gives customers access to overdraw their account for an agreed amount over a specified period of time.

    For more information, kindly contact us on:(08123941500)

  • Designed for both individual business owners & corporate organizations
  • For loans above N1 million
  • Repayment period up to 6 months
  • Interest payable is controlled by the customer
  • Duly completed Loan application form
  • Evidence of sustainable cash flow from business
  • Evidence of business project for which funding is required
  • Acceptable collateral
  • Collateral requirement - Based on loan amount, tangible assets within any the categories below is acceptable:
    • a) Landed property with good titles
      b) Lien on cash (Fixed Deposit)
      c) All asset debenture (Fixed & Floating)