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  • Uche Anomihe

    My name is Uche Anomihe, I sell groundnut oil and palm oil in Garki Market Abuja. I joined HASAL MfB when they opened a branch in the market. The bank is located directly opposite my shop so it was easy for me to transact business with them.

    Today, this is the bank I use for my transfer to other banks if I want to pay my suppliers in the eastern part of Nigeria. So far, the bank has really helped to secure my money and make my business transactions smooth.

    Basirat Sade Adepoju

    My name is Basirat Sade Adepoju and I have a shop in Garki Market, Abuja. I sell biscuits of all kinds in wholesale.

    I joined HASAL Microfinance bank 8 years ago when they opened a branch in Garki market, to enable me access loan to expand my business.

    Before then I ran my business in a rented small shop until the bank gave me loan to buy my own shop. I have accessed numerous loans amounting to more than Five Million Naira (5,000,000.00) from HASAL to restock my goods.

    To crown it all, I now own two shops in Garki market to enable me display all my goods in the shops properly. HASAL has really helped my business to grow.

    Maja Kudirat

    My name is Maja Kudirat and I sell Children’s Party Packs and clothing in Garki Market. I joined HASAL Microfinance Bank in 2009 because of their service excellence.

    I opened HASUSU account so that an account officer can be coming to my shop to collect money every day.

    Secondly, I have been accessing between N250, 000 to N500, 000 from the bank to restock my shop every year and the bank offers me convenient repayment plan for the period of six months.

    Today, my business has grown, which has helped me to sustain my family and train all my children in higher institution.

    Mrs Idowu Rahamat Bolanle, a business woman who accessed micro loan to grow her business

    My name is Idowu Rahamat Bolanle and I have a shop here in Durumi Village. As you can see I make cloths and sell tailoring materials. One of my customers introduced me to HASAL Microfinance Bank three years ago and I have been doing business with them.

    I currently have Hasusu Daily Savings that allows me to do daily contribution. The product has really helped me to save money. HASAL staff come to my shop to pick cash and deposit into my account; this has helped save money regularly.

    In addition, HASAL has given me loan six times. They started with N100, 000.00 which I paid back within Three (3) months. Twice they gave N100, 00.00. They have given me N200, 000.00 three times and I am currently enjoying a N250, 000.00 credits.

    The loan access from the bank, I use it to buy tailoring materials in bulk, which other tailors come here to buy from me at a cheaper rate, instead of paying transport fee to go to the market themselves. I have also purchase 2 additional sewing machines.

    Government should push more money into Microfinance banks so that they can help more small scale business owners like us to grow. You know this is the only way we make our living. From this business we feed our children, send them to school and take care of other things.

    Alaja Bola a.k.a Iya Ilorin; owner of Iya Ilorin Restaurant

    My name is Alaja Bola a.k.a Iya Ilorin. My business name is Iya Ilorin Restaurant and I have been selling food in Durumi village for as long as I can remember.

    I have been doing business with HASAL for about two years and I have HASUSU Daily savings account. I save N4, 000.00 every day. Initially I buy items in piecemeal, until I opened account in HASAL Microfinance bank. Today, I easily access microloans, to buy goods such as; bag of Rice, Kegs of Oils, and Drinks in bulk which has increase my profit enormously. HASAL have given me N250, 000.00 loans three times.

    I am currently on another N250, 000.00 micro loan and I have always paid before the expiration of the Loan tenor, I never defaulted because HASAL is using the Loan to help me and my business to grow.

    Secondly, I enjoy convenience banking, the bank offers. I have an account officer who comes every day to pick cash and pay into my account which makes things very easy for me.

    Lastly, Microfinance Banks are trying to help people grow their business but their interest rate is not as low as we what it to be. I am suggesting Government to give them money so that interest will reduce and they can help more small business people like us grow.